Narcissus All Spring Mix

Narcissus All Spring Mix

All the Daffs Your Heart Can Handle!

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Enjoy this classic spring flower in all of its glory with this terrific mix! This colorful blend is sure to delight with its wide range of flower colors, plant sizes, and bloom times!

The All Spring Mix is perfectly named, because the bulbs selected for this Narcissus extravaganza vary widely in flowering period. You will have the early bloomers that keep the Crocus and Snowdrops happy; the midseason splendor; and the late bloomers that catch the species Tulips in first flower! Remember, the more you buy, the greater the variety you will enjoy!

This mix includes Pheasant's Eye, trumpet, split-corona, Jonquil, and more -- all the best singles and even a few double-flowered varieties! Some are marvelously fragrant; some are miniatures; some are hard-to-find orange and pink accented varieties. You won't know until spring arrives and they burst into flower!

Have fun planting this mix widely throughout the sunny garden. Daffodils even thrive in street plantings, along driveways, and in wildflower gardens. All they ask is sunshine, good soil drainage, and some "chilling" hours during winter! So plant them deep and get ready for the show! Zones 3-8.