Blue Bell Dahlia

Blue Bell Dahlia

6-inch Blooms of Richest Royal!

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Every garden needs a showstopper, and Blue Bell would like to apply for the position! This decorative-style Dahlia offers royal blue blooms that reach 6 inches wide and last a long time in garden or vase. Rely on it to wow, indoors and out!

Blue Bell begins blooming in midsummer and goes right into fall in most climates. The plant is vigorous, reaching 3 feet or so and setting buds all along the way. Like all Dahlias, it appreciates rich, well-drained soil and a good moisture level throughout the season for best flowering. And it rewards you amply for a little attention!

These blooms appear to be darker in the center, but actually that's an illusion -- it's just that the quilled petals are set more close together at the base, fanning out nicely at the edges of the bloom. So symmetrical, they scarcely look real, with some petals even outlined in a pencil-thin darker blue!

Make Blue Bell part of your sunny border, cutting garden, or annual bed this season. If you live north of its zone 8 hardiness limit, simply cut the plant back and dig up the bulb before the first hard frost in fall, so you can replant it next spring! It's easy to store in clean kitty litter or vermiculite in a shoe box in the closet. That's all there is to it! Enjoy.