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Dahlias have one of the widest ranges of bloom colors, forms and sizes you'll find anywhere. From 1/2" pompoms to 12" dinner plate-sized flowers, dahlias bring striking life to the landscape in late summer and into fall. Flaunting nearly every available flower color, except true blue, dahlias send up both daisy-like single types and full doubles, as well as intermediate forms such as collarettes and anemone styles.

Most people are familiar with dahlias as a plant that is grown from a bulb. They may be intimidated by the work involved with planting the bulbs, growing the dahlias including staking and then digging up the tubers and storing them through the winter.  At Park Seed, we offer several varieties of dahlia seeds, most of which can be direct sown in the garden. Plant your dahlia seeds indoors for a head start on the blooming, which will last until frost. All dahlias will form a tuber during the summer, which can be dug up in the fall and replanted the following spring. Growing your dahlias from seed is an easy way to learn about dahlias, and we’re pretty sure they won’t intimidate you anymore and you’ll want more!

Dahlia bulbs for sale can range in plant size from 12" to six to eight feet. The flowers can range in size from one to two inches to flowers referred to as dinnerplate dahlias because that is the size of these magnificent blooms. The dinnerplate dahlias will need help to support the weight of these huge blooms, but there are many varieties of dahlia bulbs for sale that do not require any additional staking. Dahlias thrive in bedding gardens and containers and make lovely cut flowers! Dahlias like full sun and fertile, well-drained soil. Other than that, they’re pretty low maintenance.