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Digitalis Dalmatian Purple

Digitalis 'Dalmatian Purple'

Blooms Quickly the First Year

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The Dalmatian series of Foxgloves is brightly colored, heavy blooming, and so easy to grow. These plants cover themselves in late spring with pastel-toned blooms accented with speckles and spots. Purple Improved is a standout in the series for its increased vigor and shorter bloom time.

The fastest-flowering Digitalis on the market, Dalmatian Purple Improved requires no vernalization and only needs about 10 weeks of growth before it sets flowers. That makes this variety bloom earlier than other Digitalis, coming on in mid June. The show-stopping flower scapes and early bloom season make this Digitalis worth growing even in colder regions where it is not hardy. In warm climates it will come back year after year--in the second year, be sure to let the plant form seed so that it may self-sow and produce future generations.

And you will want this beauty to live on! From a mounded rosette of hunter-green leaves, the spikes quickly grow to a height of 16 to 20 inches and open their bell-shaped blooms wide to reveal the maroon-purple spots within. The exterior of the bells is a rich purple color bordering on fuchsia.

These blooms are held outward-facing on sturdy, upright spikes that grow to a uniform height, making this Foxglove a wonderful source of vertical color for the back of the border or a partly-shaded corner. And the attention-getting blooms are sure to stand out in a mixed container or a cutflower arrangement. Attractive to hummingbirds and, because the plant is poisonous, unpalatable to deer and rabbits, Digitalis is one of the joys of the border. This Dalmatian Foxglove's vibrant beauty perfectly complements any woodland-themed garden space.

Plant Purple Improved in full to part sun and rich, moist soil. This Foxglove is tolerant of acidic or basic soils, sand, and clay, as long as the ground stays moist but not soggy. Space plants about 14 inches apart. Zones 4 to 9.Note: Digitalis is one of the most famous toxic plants. While small doses of the plant are actually used to good effect in heart medicine, high doses can cause cardiac arrhythmia and even death. So be sure to keep children and pets away from your Digitalis and any water that the flowers have been in.

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