Daring Spirit® Hybrid Tea Rose (pack of 5)

Daring Spirit® Hybrid Tea Rose (pack of 5)

Each Bloom is Beautifully Distinctive

Pack of 5
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You'll never get tired of Daring Spirit's® blooms, because you will never see two that look just alike! Every blossom is a unique masterpiece on this rosy-pink and cream striped hybrid tea!

The flowers are fully double, boasting 25 to 30 petals each. They release a spicy scent that carries well on the summer breezes, filling the garden with rich aroma. And the flowers last well after cutting, making spectacular bouquets you will love.

Daring Spirit® begins the season with new foliage of bright burgundy. The color remains for several weeks before greening out on bushy, tall plants. Another season of beauty to add to this remarkable hybrid tea's performance!

Daring Spirit® comes to us from our friends at Jackson & Perkins, source of the very best new and classic roses. We are delighted to be able to offer you this economical pack of 5 bareroot plants.

Bred and grown to the same standards as our full-priced rose plants, this value bundle has slightly smaller canes and just needs a little more time to catch up! Like our full-priced roses, they'll bloom flawlessly their first season, and by next year, they'll be absolutely indistinguishable from plants costing twice as much.