Tulip Darwin Hybrid Mix

Tulip Darwin Hybrid Mix

Hand selected for great color combinations in the widest range of bright and pastel shades!

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Looking for the absolute best tulips on the market -- healthy, large-flowered, and long-lived? Darwin Hybrids are head and shoulders above other types in terms of longevity and garden toughness. And with this blend of 20 bright colors and bicolors, you can get a terrific range of spectacular looks for the bed, border, and vase!

This collection is hand-blended for vivid complementary colors: festive reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, and bicolors. The large, chalice-shaped blooms are fade-resistant and very long-lasting, thanks to waxy petals that hold up to rough weather and thick, sturdy stems that resist bending and snapping. You simply get a better bloom with Darwin Hybrids!

These tulips are perfect for the border, in front of shrubs, or as companions to your daffodils. They begin to bloom in mid-spring, before the last daffs have passed, and continue for several weeks. Expect them to reach 20 to 24 inches wide and to spread their wide, thick leaves up to a foot across. Our top-quality, Dutch-bred bulbs produce 4-inch blooms. In the garden or the vase (where they last a full week), our Darwin Hybrids are unsurpassed! Zones 3-8.