Derby Bean Seeds

Derby Bean Seeds

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57 days from direct-sowing.

Winner of an All-America Selection way back in 1990, Derby continues to be a favorite in all climates and conditions for big yields of tender, succulent, flavorful snaps! A mainstay of family vegetable gardens across the country, it deserves a place of honor in yours this season!

Derby is an open-pollinated, bush-habit bean of the highest eating quality. Although the plant is determinate (it sets its crop all at once), it flowers over a period of several weeks, and so the beans mature at the same graduated rate, bringing you fresh harvests over a long time!

These pods are straight, smooth, and rounded. They will reach 7 inches or more in length, but are best picked smaller, at 5 to 6 inches. The pod is tender and the white seeds are succulent and sweet, with a good "beany" bite!

Easy and trouble-free, even for the new gardener, this snap bean is widely adapted across the U.S., and is compact in the garden. For best harvest, succession-plant every 3 weeks or so from early spring till late summer (avoiding the worst summer heat in warm areas). Hardier than pole beans, bush snaps can be direct-sown after all danger of frost.

Beans are nitrogen fixers in the soil, so be sure to chop up and work this plant back into the soil of your garden after harvesting the beans. It will greatly enhance the quality of your vegetable patch for next year's crop!

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