Hemerocallis Desert Flame

Hemerocallis 'Desert Flame'

Giant 5½-inch Blooms!

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It's easy to see why the American Hemerocallis Society honored this daylily with an award: the blooms are huge, brilliantly colored, and appear twice a year on vigorous plants that go totally dormant in winter, making them successful in northern gardens where semi-evergreen daylilies often struggle with rot. Merge Desert Flame into your sunny border, foundation, meadow, or driveway garden this season, and watch how it outperforms nearly every other plant in the vicinity!

Desert Flame is a tetraploid, meaning it has twice the chromosomes of traditional (diploid) daylilies. This is significant for several reasons. First, it gives the plant greater vigor, resulting in larger, brighter, more substantial blooms that repeat in late summer after a heavy early season flush. Second, it increases the growth potential of the plant, helping it stand up to adversity and send out new flowering stems quicker than older varieties. Third, it takes off more quickly in spring and then goes totally dormant in winter, making maintenance a breeze!

This variety was introduced by Santa Lucia in 1996, and simply radiates bright orange-red tones. The first flush of bloom is the heaviest, and then the plant rests during the hottest weeks of midsummer. The second flush occurs in late season, when little else in the perennial garden is looking its best. You'll love the "encore" every year!

Desert Flame reaches about 3 feet tall and needs no care beyond pampering the first season or two, to get its root system established. Like all daylilies, it withstands cold, heat, humidity, and drought without turning a leaf. Deer leave it alone. Other pests and diseases seldom trouble it. All it asks is good soil drainage and plenty of sunshine! Zones 3-9.