Pennisetum Prairie Winds ® Desert Plains

Pennisetum Prairie Winds ® 'Desert Plains'

Cool-toned foliage grows up to 4' high and wide, crowned in gold and amber by summer's end!

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Plant Patent #20,751.

The amber seedheads arise later in the season, which gives them plenty of time to grow large, plush, and showy! 'Desert Plains' reseeds at just the right time in autumn, ensuring that it will come back strong every spring.

A seedling of 'Cassian', this cultivar features the same beautiful colors on a larger, more vase-shaped grass with even bigger, more reliable blooms!

Like other Pennisetum, 'Desert Plains' is quite tolerant of heat, humidity, and drought. It will grow fine in sandy or rocky soil, but not in standing water--it does not like "wet feet". Pests and diseases rarely trouble it, and it needs little attention from you to grow and bloom for many years. All it needs is a spot with plenty of sunlight, and it will thrive for years! Rely on it for mass plantings as well as standouts in border and foundation. 1 Quart. Zones 5 to 9.