Deutzia Shrubs

Extremely low maintenance and exceptionally beautiful

The Deutzia genus contains over 60 species of flowering deciduous shrubs. Blooming heavily in spring, deutzias simply smother their gracefully arching branches of finely textured foliage in clouds of fragrant clusters brimming with delicate, white to blushing pink blossoms that are highly attractive to pollinators, especially butterflies and hummingbirds. Some species of this genus take on fall color, and some have peeling or exfoliating, reddish to orangish-brown bark, an attractive feature for the winter garden.

These exceptional shrubs are quite versatile. Most are multistemmed with a dense, mounding habit and grow between 3 to 10 feet tall and 3 to 8 feet wide, depending on variety. But there are ground cover forms with a spreading habit and trailing branches that stay below 2 feet tall. In small gardens, the shrubs make excellent specimen, accent, and container plants. But in large gardens where they can be grouped or massed, they make stunning hedges, foundation plantings, shrub borders, and backdrops. D. gracilis (slender deutzia) may be the most popular species today, but Deutzia scabra (fuzzy deutzia) and many hybrids are earning their place in the home garden.

Extremely low maintenance plants, deutzias grow best in sunny locations, and that’s where they’ll flower best too. They aren’t picky about the type of soil they’re planted in, but they won’t survive in soil that is excessively wet or dry. The plants are generally pest and disease free as well as deer resistant.