Diana Lavendina Mix Dianthus Seeds

Diana Lavendina Mix Dianthus Seeds

Rich Fragrance, Bold Colors, and Twisty Petals!

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China Pinks are a rare treat in garden and container, and this extraordinary mix of purple and white is even rarer! A lovely change of pace from the reds and pinks of most Dianthus, it offers unusual colors on extra-large, deeply serrated, twisty petals that release that fabulous clove scent nonstop in spring and fall, plus summer in cool climates and winter in warm ones!

Diana is an award-winning European series with big 2- to 2½-inch blooms, both singles and doubles, on low-growing, tightly mounded plants. Compact, early to bloom, and very long-lasting, it is a China Pink as beautiful as it is durable, and Lavendina Mix is its most breathtaking combination of colors. In this mix you get solid purple, solid white, and two-tone lavender picotee, with lighter purple petal tips and richer lavender centers.

Lavendina Mix is great for containers, reaching only 10 to 12 inches high in full bloom, and spreading no more than 8 inches wide. But it's also lovely for the front of the annual bed, tucked into bare spots in the foundation and borders, and edging any garden path. Set it near outdoor entertaining areas, where its fragrance can be enjoyed up close, and be sure to put a pot or two marching up the front steps, to regale visitors with that spicy aroma before they even knock on your door!

China Pink is a cool-season annual (actually a biennial or short-lived perennial; in zones 6 to 9 it will probably return for a year or two, but it is easily grown as an annual everywhere). It will bloom in spring and fall, often going dormant during summer in warm climates. Where summers are short and cool, it may well flower right through. Where they are longer and warmer, it will rest, but may go into winter despite light frosts. Either way, it is long-blooming and beautiful in any setting!

Sow seeds indoors in late winter, 6 to 8 weeks before anticipated last spring frost. Seedlings are ready to transplant when they have at least 2 sets of true leaves, and will begin blooming shortly thereafter. They may also be started indoors in late summer for fall and early winter bloom in warmer areas. Packet is 15 seeds.