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Diospyros Asian Persimmon Fire Crystal™

Diospyros Asian Persimmon Fire Crystal™

Compact and attractive tree bearing delicious fruit!

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Fire Crystal is a trade marked name for a persimmon called Lintong Huo Jing. Supposed to have originated from the Xian Region of central China, this is an extremely desirable persimmon in China. This tree produces abundant crops of delicious, very sweet, bright orange fruit which you?ll need to wait until it?s soft before eating but it definitely worth the wait. You can use the fruit in cooking but it's just a good eating it right off the tree. The fruit ripens in the late fall, late October through November. Not only will you be delighted with the sweet fruit but all persimmons present lovely fall foliage and have smooth bark that looks awesome in the landscape. Leaves are large and plentiful. Fire Crystal™ is a compact persimmon that grows lower and tighter than many other options so it looks tidy in the garden. Wherever you plant it you'll be delighted by this beautiful tree and its delicious fruit.