Direct Sow Vegetable Seeds

Put these veggies right in the garden.

Direct sow vegetables are any vegetable that can be grown by direct sowing seeds into the garden soil. They do not need to be started indoors and then transplanted into the garden. This includes pretty much all vegetables. While all can be planted in the garden, it isn’t practical for some. Some plants need a longer growing season then their climate has. That means that particular vegetables can’t be grown to a harvestable stage unless started indoors. There are also seeds that require very specific conditions to germinate and grow. Those conditions can’t be guaranteed in the outdoor garden. Still other seeds are so very small that it is difficult to plant outdoors where a slight rain could wash them out.  In all these situations, seed starting indoors is preferable. That being said, the vast majority of vegetables can be sown directly in the garden.

Direct sow seeds when the ground in your garden has warmed up and the air temperatures are warmed. Check your growing zone information for the last expected frost. Remember this is an average date, so be prepared to protect the emerging seedlings if the date you started sowing seeds was a little optimistic! Your seed packages will tell you how deep to plant and how far apart the seeds should be sown. It also tells you how long the seeds take to germinate and how long before you will be eating fresh grown vegetables from seed.