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Divine™ Mix New Guinea Impatiens Seeds

Divine™ Mix New Guinea Impatiens Seeds

The best mix of colors | Even on the foliage

(P) Pkt of 15 seeds
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It took such a long time for growers to produce a New Guinea Impatiens variety from seed, we expected that the first few introductions might not be too stellar. But oh, were we wrong. The Divine series actually grows healthier plants than the tissue-propagated types, and they are easy to start from seed. It's a win-win with this mix: larger blooms, more vigorous plants, and super savings for your budget.

In this improved mix, you get the full range of Divine series colors: deep red, lilac-lavender, appleblossom, pink, scarlet red, white, and violet. And let's not forget orange, which appears on a plant boasting bronze foliage. You might look far and wide to find plants in all these brilliant hues, yet here they are, collected in a single mix for pennies a plant.

Reaching 10 to 14 inches high and nearly as wide, these plants all bloom together and achieve the same size, which is a huge boon for those long ribbons of edging and group plantings we all love to use our New Guinea Impatiens for. And since most of us do not have solid sunshine or solid shade, a New Guinea that can take a bit of sun is most highly prized. You can wend this display through a wide range of lights without losing a plant.

Best of all, Divine is superbly mildew resistant, much more so than many varieties grown from plants (tissue cultivated). Healthy, robust, ready to take off and bloom from late spring through summer and well into fall in most climates, Divine is the one you want for all your garden spots.

Start the seeds indoors, germinating them at 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. They need light to germinate, so place them on top of the soil mix if using a seed tray, or on top of the bio sponge if using the Bio Dome. To achieve that high temperature in the chilly winter home, a heat mat is fantastic, but failing that, place the tray or Bio Dome on top of the fridge or in another high area of a warm room. Heat rises, and a few degrees will make a difference.

Germination takes about 10 to 20 days, and Divine has the enviable germination rate of 85% or more. For New Guinea Impatiens, this is fabulous. Grow on the seedlings and transplant when all danger of spring frost is past and the little plants have at least two sets of true leaves. Simple as pie.