Dixie Butterpea Lima Bean Seeds

Dixie Butterpea Lima Bean Seeds

Savory Butterpeas in Record Yields!

(P) Pkt of 150 seeds
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(M) 1/4 lb
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(N) 1/2 lb
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(L) 1 lb
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75 days from direct-sowing.

Bursting with flavor, the pure white seeds of Dixie Butterpea lima beans combine meaty taste with succulent texture. Arising on vigorous, high-yielding plants, they are a delicious alternative to the classic Fordhook lima for rich flavor!

Best picked young for extra-succulent flavor, Dixie Butterpea is a baby lima that grows on a bush-habit plant that reaches about 2 feet high and needs no support to hold up its big bounty of beans. The yields are very high of these mid-sized pods (about 2½ to 3 inches long), which each contain 3 to 4 white seeds. A gourmet treat!

Bush lima beans produce earlier than pole varieties. Direct-sow the seeds in spring, after the soil has warmed, spacing the plants about 8 inches apart for dense coverage. Like all legumes, Dixie Butterpea is a nitrogen-fixing plant, so after harvest be sure to chop up the plant and plow it back into the soil. It will work wonders for next year's crops!