Do-it-Yourself Plant Terrarium Kit

Do-it-Yourself Plant Terrarium Kit

Create a unique mini landscape complete with hardy plants!

Kit with Seeds
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A gift destined to turn into a years-long adventure, this do-it-yourself terrarium kit is guaranteed to delight all ages with its mix of creativity, ingenuity, and beauty. Select one or more glass containers up to one-gallon in capacity and begin designing the miniature landscape of your dreams!

This kit contains everything you need to fill a single one-gallon terrarium, with enough left over for several smaller terrariums. Or you can choose several smaller-size glass containers and divide the ingredients among them -- the choice is yours! You will love selecting the perfect "home" for your miniature world!

In here you will find everything you need to assemble your terrarium. Follow the simple instructions on the Care Card enclosed with your kit to create your beautiful and long-lived miniature landscape! This kit contains 24 ounces of attractive polished stones, soil, living moss, filtration moss, and a tiny human figure to populate the new world! It will also have the seeds of hardy perennial plants ready to germinate and grow right in the terrarium!

This kit is the ideal gift for everyone on your holiday list. It was tested with a focus group of 8-year-olds, who could not only read and understand the Care Card, but who became seriously involved in building, maintaining, and enjoying their terrariums! So we know the younger set will love it. And it also makes a really thoughtful gift for a college student's dorm room, a busy cubicle dweller who needs a "green space" at work, or a friend who can no longer do as much outdoor gardening as she might like.

This terrarium kit is manufactured by a company specializing in gathering freshly harvested mosses and caring for them impeccably. With attention to the simple instructions, your terrarium can grow beautifully for years in your home. Treat someone special to this gift . . . and be sure to order one for yourself, too!