Do-it-Yourself Succulent Terrarium Kit with Seeds

Do-it-Yourself Succulent Terrarium Kit with Seeds

The perfect gift for all ages!

Kit with Seeds
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This awesome DIY project is so fun, and looks so great once you're done. It makes a great gift for all ages, but you won't be able to resist getting one for yourself.

The kit includes everything you need to create a magnificent succulent garden that will last for years if cared for properly. It comes with live moss, filtration moss, decorative stones, and seeds of hardy perennial plants. Watch the seeds sprout into beautiful plants! The kit even comes with a tiny human figurine that will inhabit the tiny world!

This is the perfect gift for children. It was tested a group of children 8 years old, and they thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different succulents, planting them and designing the miniature garden themselves. It also makes a great gift for adults. Gardening has been proven to reduce stress, and who wouldn't want a gift that helps with that? It also serves as a living piece of décor!

Designed to fill a one-gallon container, this kit has plenty of materials to create a few tiny gardens. You get to choose your container, so why not split the succulents up and have a whimsical, little garden in each room?