Don Juan Climbing Rose

Don Juan Climbing Rose

The Classic Fragrant Red Climber!

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Ah, what a romantic devil Don Juan is! Huge, fragrant red blooms dangle from vigorous canes, banked by glossy dark green foliage. Quickly reaching 10 to 12 feet tall and 5 feet wide, this is the climbing rose you want draped over the patio wall, twining up the arbor, or festooning a large trellis. No wonder it's considered the standard red climber, by which all others are judged (and found wanting!).

If you saw these 3- to 4-inch blooms without the plant, you'd probably assume they were exhibition-quality hybrid teas. Packed with 30 to 35 petals and boasting a true red hue that won't fade, they are superb cutflowers. And the sight of a fully-blooming vine is astonishing -- no tiny, short-lived blossoms here!

Don Juan blooms in summer, achieving the best color in areas where the nights are warm. If you live in a high-humidity climate, this is the climber you must have! But it's a fine northern performer too, hardy all the way through zone 5.

Plant Don Juan in full sun and well-drained soil. The offspring of New Dawn x New Yorker, it was bred in -- where else? -- romantic Italy in the late 1950s before coming to the United States for its debut. Don Juan is a dependable and vigorous performer no matter where you live. If planting more than one for solid coverage, space the plants 8 feet apart. Zones 5-10.

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Beautiful, requires a little maintenance.
L.K. Scott from CA wrote on August 23, 2016

This is one of the slowest growing rose bush I've ever planted, but the deep green, almost bluish foliage with maroon new growth is just as striking as the velvety crimson rose blooms. Because it is such a slow grower, the blooms are infrequent for the first few years. This year I only had one wave of blooms that had only five roses, but will likely have at least one more wave before the growing season ends. I have one of my Don Juan's growing on my patio in a large pot in full, direct sunlight from dawn till dusk and it seems to thrive in the heat, sun, and doesn't seem to mind the 3-foot-wide pot it's growing in. Don Juan is susceptible to aphids, mites, black spot, and several other diseases and infestations. In order to keep mine healthy, I trim away all yellowing leaves, I let the soil dry out completely, keep it dry for about three days, and then I re-water it. Once every three months I spray with a Neem Oil and water concoction in the evening to fight pests and diseases. Do not use the Neem Oil on the blooms because the delicate petals will die. Don Juan is extremely drought tolerant. I live in the inland desert of California where water is almost non-existent, very expensive, and rainfall happens for only two weeks out of the entire year. The Don Juan roses seem to love it. I give Don Juan roses a 4 of 5 stars because it's hardiness, fragrance, the unusual color of foliage and blooms, drought tolerance, heat tolerance, and low maintenance are good things, the negatives is that for such a slow growing rose bush, the blooms are rather small and infrequent this first year. According to my local rose enthusiasts, it's not expected to ever-bloom prolifically until it's third year. Considering it all, Don Juan is my second favorite rose bush, my first being Black Magic Hybrid Tea.

don juan rose
the McCoys from CA wrote on April 01, 2014

Our two little Don Juan roses arrived after a long trip across the continent looking rather sad, but they were still moist. After trimming off the dead leaves and planting them, we worried that they wouldn't make it, but we were rewarded with healthy new growth on multiple little stems in about 10 days. It is amazing to me that these little plants are so hardy and ready to grow. We can see that they are indeed on their way to being the large climber we want.

Beautiful roses
Anonymous from wrote on July 15, 2013

My aunt bought some roses from this company and they were beautiful! I came home and ordered 6 and can't wait to receive them.