Double Red Simplicity Hedge Rose

Double Red Simplicity Hedge Rose

Brilliant Double Blooms for Months and Months

Welcome to the latest and best Simplicity of all. Double Red is named for its rich color and high bud count, but its best merit may just be the superior resistance to mildew and rust that keeps the dark green, glossy foliage looking great even in humid and rainy climates. A truly low-maintenance rose that can take more moisture than most others, Double Red belongs front and center in your landscape.

Saturated with rich crimson tones, these exquisitely formed double blooms arise in big floribunda clusters on vigorous shrubs determined to flower all summer long. You get both length and strength with Double Red—more flowers than you expect, and opening over a longer period, so you have a good bit of color all summer long. Such a treat for those hot places alongside the driveway, in the foundation, around the perimeter of the property, and anywhere else in the sun.

The latest in the renowned Simplicity series of hedge roses, Double Red is exceptionally resistant to mildew and rust, withstanding even hot, humid summers effortlessly. This makes it a great choice for the deep South and the Pacific northwest, where many roses struggle with moisture levels in the air. Double Red won't turn a petal when the going gets wet.

Give this rose fertile, well-drained soil with plenty of water, and pamper it the first year to get it established, as you would any new shrub. It will begin flowering the very first year, and will continue for countless seasons after.