Double Scoop™ Lemon Cream Coneflower

Double Scoop™ Lemon Cream Coneflower

Giant creamy yellow flowers!

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This compact, upright plant is perfect for borders or mixed containers. The light yellow petals hang down from the yellow dome shaped center. It stands upright on hardy green stems that are great for cutting! It continues blooming for months, providing surefire color all season. Butterflies and other pollinators will flock to this coneflower. The stems on this perennial are very sturdy, making them perfect to include in cut flower arrangements.

Easy to grow and long-lived, the Echinacea has a very hardy nature, proving resistant to environmental stresses, from heat and humidity to cold and drought. Echinaceas are impervious to most pests and diseases. Lemon Cream sends up blooms from late spring through the summer drawing in songbirds, which come to feast on their seed-filled cones. A truly lovely, trouble-free perennial for the sunny garden!