Double Wave® Blue Velvet Petunia

Double Wave® Blue Velvet Petunia

3 Seasons of Double-flowered Beauty!

The most popular Petunia for American gardens, Double Wave® blooms over a long season, self-cleans, stands up to heat and humidity, and trails magnificently from containers. The only thing better? A double-flowered Wave® -- in this case, gorgeous Blue Velvet!

Velvety shades of true blue fill the sunny garden, patio, deck, and any other sunny spot from this fast-growing, tirelessly blooming annual plant. Blue can be a tricky shade to find in the garden, which makes Blue Velvet all the more prized! Just 6 to 8 inches high, the habit is both mounding and spreading, reaching a full 2 feet long.

The flowers arise nonstop until frost, and all this plant asks for is water, food, and plenty of sunshine! Find a special place for it this season, and enjoy nonstop flowers from early summer into fall! They even self-clean, and the plant habit stays neat and fresh, with no dying stems to trim away. Few annuals are easier or more colorful over such a long, lovely season!

An enduring classic, Double Wave® will sell out quickly, so please order yours today! Pack of 3 plants, grown in big 4-inch pots.

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