Double Petunias

Double Wave — Twice the Petal Power!

It's like a fantasy &emdash; all the tireless bloom strength of Petunia Wave in double-flowered form! Double Wave sports big, frilly blooms all over vigorous plants just perfect for hanging baskets, planters, window-boxes, and other containers.

Double Wave Petunia mounds up nicely in the center and spreads up to 2 feet long, every inch boasting bright blooms. Like all the other Waves, this plant is self-cleaning, so you never have to deadhead! And the colors are rich and velvety.

We are proud to offer Petunia Double Wave plants this season. Expect them to transplant easily and take off right away in any sunny spot. Give them plenty of water and food for blooms that begin with the first hint of summer heat and continue right through humid August and into fall in many climates!

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