Anemone Dreaming Swan™

Anemone Dreaming Swan™

Delightful Semi-double Summer Blooms

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Elegant semi-double blooms, handsome foliage, and easy to care for - what's not to like about the this lovely Windflower? In the garden it attracts butterflies with its tempting golden centers while spurning the advances of deer and rabbits. Indoors its sits pretty in vases on slender yet reliable stems. Dreaming Swan™ boasts bigger blooms than 'Ruffled' and a longer bloom time than most. It is easy to naturalize in just about any soil type, including salt tolerant, and very worry free overall. If only all beauty could be as easy to maintain as windflowers!

The hues of the petals on Dreaming Swan™ resemble that of a delicate watercolor painting. Opening in a pure white on the front of the bloom, however it is what is hiding on the reverse side that is the real showstopper. Opening into a soft pink and fading into a lovely lavender and sit upon wiry stems. You will be able to enjoy the unique coloring of these blooms all season long.