Dried Vegetable Waste Composter

Dried Vegetable Waste Composter

Grow Blue Oyster Mushrooms from Your Old Veggie Plants!

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It's a chore many of us dislike: chopping up and tilling under our vegetable plants at the end of the season. Think of all the tomato, pepper, cucumber, corn, and squash plants you plow under, toss into the compost bin, or even discard each autumn. Well . . . now you can turn those old plants into the perfect "soil" for a bumper crop of Blue Oyster Mushrooms! And you can do it in just weeks, not months!

You start with a simple sawdust-based inoculant for blue oyster mushroom spawn that thrives in dried vegetable matter. It's super simple to use, and it produces an amazing 40 pounds or so of delicious, gourmet mushrooms. Here's what you do:

1. As your crops harvest, pull the plants up and sun-dry them.

2. Soak the plants in very hot water (minimum 180 degrees for 1 hour) to pasteurize them. (You may want to cut them into smaller pieces to do this.)

3. Add the sawdust inoculated with blue oyster mushroom spawn.

4. Stuff the mixture into clean black nursery pots or black plastic bags.

5. In just weeks, begin harvesting gourmet Blue Oyster Mushrooms!

Blue Oyster Mushrooms are a delicacy, seldom available in supermarkets because they are best eaten very fresh. And nothing's fresher than straight from your compost bin!

This spawn fruits in just weeks, making it a great project for kids as well as their parents and grandparents. So this autumn, put the tiller and the shovel aside and grow a crop of gourmet mushrooms instead! 5 pounds.

Note: If you can't plant the plugs right away, the spawn may be refrigerated for 3 to 6 months, but never frozen. Do not let spawn sit in the sunlight.