Drip Irrigation Kit

Drip Irrigation Kit

Create Your Own Watering System . . . in Minutes!

100 Feet Tan
Item # 34648
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Forget about messy soaker hoses and flimsy sprinkler heads--now you can irrigate ANY small space easily and economically! These kits can water multiple plants by targeting exactly the area you want (no more watering the pavement!). And they are very easy to set up or rearrange.

Already very popular in Europe for balcony and rooftop gardens, do-it-yourself drip irrigation kits give you everything you need to design your own irrigation system . . . in minutes! You'd pay a landscaper dearly for the privilege of constructing a system that watered only your plants, wherever they happened to be, but with these easy and economical kits, you can customize your system--and then rearrange it if you like!

Weather-resistant, long-lasting, and versatile, drip irrigation kits are the wave of the future for gardeners who want to grow lush gardens without wasting a drop of water!