The Umbrella Adjustable Bird Feeder

The Umbrella Adjustable Bird Feeder

Lets In Only the Size of Bird You Want to Feed!

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If you are trying to attract tiny songbirds to the garden but keep getting larger birds and "bully" species (blue jays and starlings are big culprits!) as well as too many squirrels, consider this innovative and attractive feeder from our friends at Droll Yankees.® the Umbrella Adjustable Feeder lets you raise or lower the curved dome above the feeding tray, so you can admit only the birds that can fit into the available space. It's a great way to keep the smaller guys from getting pushed out -- not to mention saving your birdseed for the species it is designed for, instead of having it gobbled up (or worse yet, kicked to the ground!) by squirrels!

The Umbrella Adjustable Bird Feeder has a thoroughly unique design, with a 15-inch-diameter, height-adjustable dome that serves to protect the feeder tray from the elements as well as from unwanted visitors. The 13-inch-diameter, 1-inch-deep feeder tray can accommodate a virtually endless variety of bird foods, from just over a pound of seed to suet, fruit, table scraps, or mealworms! For filling or cleaning, simply slide the feeder dome up the included hanging rod or unscrew the tray.

Both the dome and tray are made of clear, UV-stabilized polycarbonate plastic (will not yellow with age!), allowing you and the birds easy visual access to the seed level at all times. The Umbrella Adjustable Bird Feeder can be either hung or mounted on a pole (if pole mounting, you may want to get a pole mounted squirrel baffle to protect the feeder from squirrels). Hang it with the included attractive and highly durable, 16-inch solid brass hanging rod or post mount it using any pole with a ¾-inch threaded adapter (not included).

Lifetime manufacturer's warranty against squirrel damage. Made in the USA. Dimensions: 13"-diameter tray, 15"-diameter dome.