Birdwatchers Delight Window Feeder

Birdwatchers' Delight Window Feeder

Watch Your Feathered Friends Just Inches Away!

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They couldn't be closer if they were sitting on your breakfast table! Invite birds to dine "in" your kitchen every day with this attractive and brilliantly designed window feeder. You won't believe how easy it is to assemble, install, refill, and even clean. Birdwatching just got a whole lot more fun!

The feeder attaches to your window via 3 strong suction cups, so you don't have to modify the window frame or sill in any way, and you can move the feeder to a new spot in minutes. An ingenious attachment bar enables you to slide the feeder quickly on and off the cups, in case you want to clean it or adjust its height. (Yes! It's adjustable!) There has never been a simpler or more adaptable feeder for window use.

Measuring 10 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 12 inches deep, the feeder consists of three main parts: a deep feeding tray, a wide domed roof, and a brass rod that ties the two together. The tray is clear, with drainage holes in the base to prevent rain build-up, and its size accommodates up to half a pound of birdseed, as well as fruit, suet, or mealworms. This means you can easily adjust the feed depending upon the season and the type of birds you wish to attract. Made of clear UV-stabilized polycarbonate that will not yellow with age, the tray offers a great view of the birds as well as of the level of food still remaining, so you always know when you need to refill.

The umbrella-like polycarbonate dome is also clear, offering an unimpeded view of your winged visitors. It keeps rain off the food and serves as a "size monitor" for the birds. If you want to attract any and all birds, raise the dome to its highest point and welcome all comers! If you just want tiny songbirds, slide the dome down on the adjustable brass rod, so that only the smallest can fit inside and the more aggressive larger birds are excluded. (Yes, we're talking to you, blue jays and grackles!)

The brass rod is rust-proof and very durable, and the entire feeder is designed for many years of hard use. It even includes a lifetime warranty against squirrel damage! This alone sets it above all rivals, to our way of thinking!

The Window Birdfeeder comes to us from the good folks at Droll Yankees®, who always design top-quality, innovative birding items made in the USA. You are going to love it!