The Squirrel-Tipper Bird Feeder

The Squirrel-Tipper Bird Feeder

Squirrels Don't Have a Leg to Stand On!

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Most of us bird lovers end up feeding a lot of jays and starlings, not to mention every squirrel in the neighborhood, before the chickadees and nuthatches and all the other smaller songbird species have a chance to get a beak in. The Squirrel-Tipper Bird Feeder enables these little guys to have their own gourmet feast, free from intimidation by larger birds and animals. Using an innovative perch that collapses beneath the weight of anything above 8 ounces, this feeder neatly eliminates bully birds and squirrels from hogging all the birdseed!

The Squirrel-Tipper Bird Feeder has a 10-inch-diameter, weight-sensitive feeding tray that bears the weight of up to 4 cardinals (approximately 8 oz.), but tips under the weight of a gray squirrel, spilling it unceremoniously onto the ground! The large tray is great for ground feeders and songbirds, its flat perching surface collecting fallen seed and providing a stable platform on which multiple birds can feed simultaneously from the four seed ports. With a slim design, it manages to fit into any space, yet it offers plenty of space for feeding!

Now, we all know that squirrels are masters at extracting birdseed from the most "secure" locations, but the Squirrel-Tipper offers a heavy metal cap at the top of the feeder that fits snugly onto the tube, preventing any marauders from getting in. And because the tube is 4¾-inches in diameter and 21 inches long, they aren't going to be able to slide down it and reach the seed ports without resting on the collapsible perches, either!

Attractive and sturdily made, the Squirrel-Tipper is a lovely addition to your garden, with a clear, UV-stabilized polycarbonate tube that ensures long-lasting durability without yellowing, as well as a sleek midnight black, powder-coated top and base. The clear tube also makes the seed highly visible to the birds (and to you, so you can keep an eye on the level!), a proven advantage. With its large 5-pound birdseed capacity, you won't need to refill it very often, and its internal baffle design allows the seed to keep flowing freely to the ports without getting clogged.

Hang the Squirrel-Tipper Bird Feeder securely from a branch, hook, or pole with the heavy-duty, signature looped, stainless steel wire (which reduces motion), and watch the birds flock to your garden, while the squirrels are forced to find another source of food! Lifetime manufacturer warranty against squirrel damage. Dimensions: 4¾" x 21".