Durable Green Trug

Durable Green Trug

Gather Flowers and Veggies, Tote Supplies, and More!

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One of those "where has this been all my life?" objects, the Durable Green Trug is inexpensive, beautifully made, and designed to last a lifetime of hard labor in your garden. Lightweight but super-strong, it's prepared to help you bring in the harvest, gather flowers and herbs, carry tools and supplies out to the border, and generally become an extension of your right arm every single time you're in the garden.

Made of sturdy plastic that won't rot and holds far, far heavier loads than you'd imagine, this trug is just the right size for a vast array of tasks. It stands 21 inches long and 11.75 inches wide, with a depth of nearly 5 inches. The height, including handle, is 11 inches. So there is plenty of room to lay down long gladioli stems, harvest a mess of beans, or stash the hand trowel/fertilizer/label/marking pen kit you carry out with you on countless trips. There's also room for your cell phone, a handkerchief, seed packets, and twist-ties. And for the return trip, after your garden chores are done, this trug will be brimming with the weeds you've dug, the blooms you've deadheaded, and the random 5-to-8 things you've found in the garden that shouldn't be there.

The best part about this trug is the smooth, glossy, easy-to-clean material. One whoosh of the hose and it's clean; or, if you've been weeding and you want to make sure you've banished every last volunteer seed, you can give it a quick wash and know that it's clean -- no crannies, no hard-to-dry material or possibility for rot.

The Durable Green Trug will last forever, and we predict that you'll seldom keep it empty for long. It's just too convenient for all the garden journeys we make. And wait until you see how much you can get done when your hands are free!