Durango Guajillo Hybrid Pepper Seeds

Durango Guajillo Hybrid Pepper Seeds

A true guajillo

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Days to Maturity: 75 from transplant

Huge yields from vigorous plants! These long, slender 7- to 8-inch peppers mature to deep burgundy and dry beautifully. Classic guajillo flavor! The ideal combination of sweet and hot!

Durango sets long, tapered, slightly curved fruits that average about 7½ inches, with shoulders of 1½ inches. The fruit turns from deep green to rich burgundy, at which point it is ready to harvest. Leave it on the plant a bit longer, however, and it will burnish a handsome shade of red, with extra nutrients to reward your patience!

Start the seeds indoors about 7 to 10 weeks before the last scheduled spring frost in your area. Peppers like warm soil and frost-free nights, so wait to transplant the seedlings until they have at least 2 sets of true leaves and spring is well underway. Fertilize when the flowers begin to appear, and keep the moisture level even throughout the growing season if possible.