Iris Tiger Mix

Iris Tiger Mix

Unbelievably Colorful, and So Easy to Grow!

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Has there ever been a more richly colored, beautiful Dutch Iris Mix? These "tigers" are all bicolors, with many shades crowding along the long, slender petals. Arising at the same moment in the mid- to late-spring garden, they thrive in sunshine and any well-drained soil, returning for years to welcome another year of glory to your garden.

These Tigers combine saturated hues of blue, purple, burgundy, and maroon with markings of apricot, gold, and orange, creating a lovely warm-and-cool effect that is most unusual. The flowers reach 4 inches wide when fully extended, and arise along bright green stems, very sturdy in the variable spring weather. Magnificent for cutting, they also make a vibrant garden display, reaching 18 inches high and just 6 inches wide in flower.

Dutch Iris (Iris x hollandica) actually hails from North Africa and Spain, but has been grown in Holland for so long and so well that it truly deserves its common name! One of the easiest of all Iris species, it loves sunshine and sandy to loamy soil. A good choice for containers, too!

Opening just as the final Tulips are passing, Dutch Iris offers a splendid finale to the spring bulb garden. Very easy to grow in sun and well-drained soil, it reaches 20 inches high, its large 4-inch blooms opening wide for a butterfly effect that is as lovely in the vase as it is in the garden. This plant needs absolutely no maintenance, returning year after year and even naturalizing into large colonies over time! Zones 5-9.