Jackson & Perkins® Dynamite™ Select Rose Fertilizer

2 Pounds
Item #51674


All the nutrients your roses need


Jackson and Perkins Dynamite™ Select Rose Fertilizer feeds roses for the entire season—and you only have to use it once. Dynamite's™ innovative time-release formula ensures a steady delivery of nutrients to your roses all season long. You'll observe healthier plants, more vigorous growth, and of course, full and splendid blooms. Dynamite™ features a broadcast rate of 4 tablespoons per square foot. So you can nourish 11 five-gallon rose plants or 15 three-gallon plants with just one bottle. Each bottle has a net weight of 2 pounds—enough for a 20-square-foot area. Its formula is 14-5-10 (nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium). It also includes calcium 1%, magnesium 2.75%, sulfur 4.56%, iron 1%, manganese .80%, and zinc .06%.

Enjoy a 60-day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

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Size 2 Pounds
Additional Characteristics Fertilizer, Made in USA, Soil Amendments
Restrictions *Due to state restrictions we cannot ship to the following:
Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands

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