Dianthus Early Bird™ Frosty

Dianthus Early Bird™ Frosty

A Wintry Accent for the Sunny Garden

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The Early Bird™ series of Dianthus are specifically bred to bloom early in the spring and rebloom all season, providing you with months of breathtaking double blooms worthy of inclusion in a bouquet or vase. 'Frosty' features a profusion of white flowers with geometrical dentate petals reminiscent of snowflakes.

If you're looking for a brilliantly beautiful groundcover, border, or container plant, look no further than new Early Bird™ 'Frosty'! Dianthus are perfectly suited for rock gardens and exposed hills, preferring well-drained, windswept spots to boggy, stagnant ones.

These easy-to-grow little perennials flaunt pure white, fully double blooms from early spring all the way until fall. Remove spent flowers and fertilize occasionally to encourage the most re-blooming. The captivating white flowers appear atop compact mounds of succulent blue-green foliage about 10 inches wide and 8 inches tall.

'Frosty' is unpalatable to both deer and rabbits, and very low maintenance. Simply plant in a sunny, well drained spot and it will bloom like clockwork, creating a mat of dazzling color! Zones 5-9.