Early Sunglow Hybrid Corn Seeds

Early Sunglow Hybrid Corn Seeds

Short stalks bear full-size ears.

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62 days. This classic variety is a favorite where the growing season is short or the springs especially cool. A yellow Regular Sweet type, Early Sunglow bears big 6- to 7-inch ears on short stalks just 4 to 4 1/2 feet tall! The ears are very uniform, neatly filled with about 12 rows of plump, tender kernels. Among the very quickest to mature, Early Sunglow doesn't sacrifice one whit of flavor for speed!

Less fussy about warm soil and heavy feeding than Super Sweet hybrids, Regular Sweet corn should be planted at least 400 feet from Super Sweets (they tend to reduce the flavor of Super Sweets if cross-pollinated). If this is not possible, sow the two types at least a month apart.

Sow after last spring frost, when the soil is warm. Corn is famously easy to direct-sow in any sunny spot. To extend your corn harvest, make successive plantings weekly up to mid-July, or plant varieties with differing maturity dates. Pkt is 200 seeds. Corn seed in packet sizes of 1 lb. or smaller is now available for shipment to Canada.

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