Easy Seeder

Easy Seeder

Sow Perfectly-spaced Seeds Every Time!

23 inches Green
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Is it our imagination, or are seeds getting smaller every season? --Okay, maybe it's our eyes, but it DOES seem harder to direct-sow than ever before. Smaller seed counts in packets, smaller garden spaces -- everything conspires to make us aware that we need to sow accurately in order to avoid waste. So that's why the Easy Seeder is such a welcome addition to our gardening belt!

This set of 6 planting guides helps you accurately sow seeds, evenly spaced, in straight rows or any pattern you would like to create. Each guide is nearly 2 feet long (23 inches) and 2 inches wide, with evenly-spaced holes corresponding to the size of the seed you want to sow. Just slide the seeds along the guide, and presto -- 2 feet of row sown, evenly and without a wasted seed!

Endlessly reusable, the Easy Seeder makes the most of every seed in the packet, eliminating double-sowing, thinning, and seedling clumps. Give it a try this season, and we predict it will be your favorite stocking stuffer for all your gardening buddies next year!