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Easy Standard Fleece Tunnel

Don't let rough weather harm your garden

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The row cover gets a modern update. An idea whose time has come, this all-in-1 system is the answer to many a gardener's prayer. No more fiddling around with steel hoops, yards and yards of loose row cover, anchors, ties, and all the rest of it. Just set one end of this telescoping tunnel into place, then unfold it over your rows of veggies or flowers. You can water; sunlight gets in; pests and rough weather stay out.

This polypropylene fleece is heavyweight and durable enough to last season after season, yet porous enough to admit enough light and air to keep plants healthy without subjecting them to the full impact of the elements. It's a balancing act that Haxnicks—a British company—has mastered perfectly.

Galvanized steel hoops fixed onto the fleece sink into the soil at spaced intervals, anchoring the tunnel in place. Easy to manipulate, the hoops are strong enough to withstand very severe rain and wind.

Both ends of the tunnel feature drawstrings that can be pulled tight for more protection, left open for more air circulation, or even tied to another Haxnicks tunnel to protect a longer row.

The Easy Standard Fleece Tunnel helps retain moisture and heat while keeping out all the features that destroy your crops, from rabbits and deer to carrot flies and aphids, not to mention frost, strong winds, and scorching summer heat. You can water right over it; the droplets will penetrate perfectly. And its so easy to use, because it's all one piece: you just unfold it over your crop during the season, then pull it up and fold it flat when not in use.

The Fleece Tunnel is part of a series of protective tunnels (or portable greenhouses, as you might come to think of them). It's suitable for spring, summer, or fall, but is really designed for spring, when everything is sprouting and you need a mix of cold weather exclusion and maximum sunshine and rainfall inclusion. For hot summers, you might appreciate the extended scorch protection of our Easy Standard Net Tunnel. And for maximum late-winter protection, when cold is the main danger, the Easy Standard Poly Tunnel is ideal. But the Fleece Tunnel is the best all-season choice, if you are just purchasing one.

And the best part is the portability. Pests eating your lettuce leaves? Move the Tunnel to that row and keep them protected. Strawberries getting nibbled before they can ripen? The Tunnel will protect them. Nonstop driving rain for days on end? Place the tunnel over the most vulnerable plants in the garden until the storm passes.

We estimate that using the Fleece Tunnel in late winter and spring will bring your crops to harvest up to 6 weeks sooner than without protection. Using it in late summer and fall can extend your harvest by up to a month. The Fleece Tunnel pre-warms the soil for spring, keeps rough weather and pests out all spring, minimizes scorch in summer, and extends the warmth of the air and soil in fall. It's almost like getting an extra growing season. Get yours today, and begin growing quicker, bigger, better crops this very season.

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Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5.0


Good product
Z from UT wrote on June 13, 2019

I really like the product so far, has withheld against frost and hale already. However I only give it four stars because it really doesn’t allow much moisture to get through to the plant unless you use a soaked hose up underneath it.

Great product
Donna from SC wrote on March 19, 2017

Bought this row cover to be able to start my squash seeds in early March. Works great. The seeds sprouted even with 30-40 degree nights . Great product and I am purchasing more