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Easy Standard Net Tunnel

Don't let rough weather harm your garden

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At last, gardeners in warm, dry, or rainy climates have the perfect "portable greenhouse" to carry tender plants through rough weather. An idea whose time has come, this all-in-1 polyethylene tunnel means no more fiddling around with steel hoops, yards and yards of loose row cover, anchors, ties, and all the rest of it. Just set one end of this telescoping tunnel into place, then unfold it over your rows of veggies or flowers. You can water; sunlight gets in; pests and rough weather stay out.

Extending 9.8 feet long, 18 inches wide, and 12 inches high, this UV-stabilized, high density 5mm polypropylene mesh is heavyweight and durable enough to last season after season, yet porous enough to admit enough light and air to keep plants healthy without subjecting them to the full impact of the elements. It's a balancing act that Haxnicks—a British company—has mastered perfectly.

Galvanized steel hoops fixed onto the netting sink into the soil at spaced intervals, anchoring the tunnel in place. Easy to manipulate, the hoops are strong enough to withstand very severe rain and wind.

Both ends of the tunnel feature drawstrings that can be pulled tight for more protection, left open for more air circulation, or even tied to another Haxnicks tunnel to protect a longer row.

The Easy Standard Net Tunnel helps retain moisture and air circulation while keeping out all the features that destroy your crops, from rabbits and deer to carrot flies and aphids, not to mention scorching summer heat. You can water right over it; the droplets will penetrate perfectly. And its so easy to use, because it's all one piece: you just unfold it over your crop during the season, then pull it up and fold it flat when not in use. The dark green color blends perfectly with the garden, too.

The Net Tunnel is part of a seasonal series of protective cloches that cover just the areas that need a little extra protection in the garden. It's suitable for late winter, spring, summer, or fall, but is really designed for summer and fall, when scorching sunlight can cause your plants to wilt and delay you from setting out transplants of fall veggies. The Net Tunnel keeps the worst sunlight out, enabling plants to withstand heat waves, periods of drought, and months of summer weather. It also enables you to sow seeds and set out transplants of fall vegetables and annuals, extending your cool season by up to a month.

For frosty spring weather, you might also appreciate our Easy Standard Poly Tunnel. And for a basic all-around protective tunnel, the Easy Standard Fleece Tunnel is ideal, offering both cold and heat protection.

And the best part is the portability. Squash bugs eating the zucchini? Move the tunnel to that row and keep them out. A midsummer heat wave making your newly-transplanted cool-season seedlings droop? Cover 'em with the tunnel and watch them perk right up and grow their best. Those summer late-afternoon thunderstorms just a little too much for your dahlias? Keep every bloom pristine with the tunnel.

We estimate that using the Net Tunnel in summer and fall will extend the bloom strength of most flowering plants, not to mention enabling you to set out your cool-season veggies earlier (thus harvesting sooner and enabling you to make it all the way to ripening for those late-fall varieties). By keeping out rough weather and destructive pests, guarding against scorch, and prolonging the warmth of the fall garden, it's almost like getting another whole growing season in your garden. Get yours today, and begin growing quicker, bigger, better crops this very season.