Easy Wave® Petunias

Easy Wave — Perfect for Any Climate!

Petunia Wave is known for its ability to bloom through the worst summer heat and humidity, but Easy Wave adds another strength to the family: an affinity for blooming even in cool-summer conditions! Slightly more mounded and less trailing than the original Wave, Easy Wave Petunia is ideal for gardeners even in the far north!

This fast grower sets big, intensely colored flowers beginning in late spring and continuing all summer and even into autumn in many climates. New blooms arise from the center of the plant as well as from the ends of all those trailing stems, so you never have to worry about trimming it back to refresh it. And Easy Wave is proud to introduce the first striped member of the Wave family!

Take a look at our selection of Easy Wave, choose your favorites, and landscape both garden and patio with the most versatile of all the Petunia Waves!