Ebb Tide™ Floribunda Rose

Ebb Tide™ Floribunda Rose

The blooms improve with each passing year!

The darkest, richest, most strongly scented purple Rose we have ever seen, Ebb Tide™ is a masterpiece of rich color, lovely old-fashioned flower form, and heavenly fragrance. This floribunda belongs in the garden of every Rose lover.

These flowers are simply magnificent, with a petal count of over 35, a span of 5 inches, and a rich, deep plummy-purple color overlaid with charcoal highlights. They arise from very deep royal-purple buds all over bushy, upright shrubs. And the fragrance is showstopping -- very intense and redolent of sweet, spicy cloves!

Ebb Tide™ is a 2006 introduction from master Rosarian Tom Carruth, who has grown several recent All-America Rose Selection winners. Its parentage includes Sweet Chariot and Blue Nile, but Ebb Tide™ easily outdoes these older varieties in color intensity.

Best of all, this floribunda improves with each passing year. As it becomes established and more and more content in your garden, you will see bigger blooms and more of them -- an exciting characteristic that I only wish more Roses shared!

Combine Ebb Tide™ with rich reds, deep golds, strong pinks, and whites in garden or vase. Its color is eye-catching and its fragrance strong enough to share with the entire garden!