Cara Mia™ Rose Coneflower

Cara Mia™ Rose Coneflower

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Wow, look at how far Coneflower (Echinacea) has come from its humble days as a prairie wildflower! Cara Mia™ Rose is more compact -- by far! -- than traditional varieties, and its blooms are a rich raspberry-red instead of pinkish-purple. They are also double-flowered, 3 1/2 inches wide, and super-abundant all over these small powerhouse plants!

Cara Mia™ Rose hasn't changed from its wild cousins when it comes to pollinator attraction and pest repellence, however! This perennial is a magnet for bees and butterflies in summer, songbirds in fall. And as a native plant, it has a natural tolerance for many of the environmental stresses -- heat, cold, dry and/or poorly fertile soil -- that can slow down other plants. You will find it very low maintenance once established in your garden or fine container.

Best of all, it's simply beautiful. The blooms begin in early summer on strong, sturdy stems (good for cutting!), and they continue all the way into mid-fall in many climates. Leave the final blooms on the plant so the central cone, which is full of seeds, can dry out. Birds will come and peck the seeds out one by one, offering great photo opps for you!

The faster you deadhead or cut these blooms, the faster new buds appear. Cara Mia™ Rose is super-floriferous, and if you are running low on space in the sunny garden, it's the answer to prayer! Make it part of your landscape this season.