Colorburst™ Orange Coneflower

Colorburst™ Orange Coneflower

Fragrant Double Blooms!

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Colorburst™ Orange demonstrates the ideal combination of double flowers, compact stature, sweet fragrance, and garden-tough performance! This pompon-style Coneflower is the absolute best of modern breeding, combining compact plant size with large double blooms in the latest colors . . . that change!

The huge, fully double pompons of tangerine-orange begin with a chocolate-brown eye. Over time this matures to green, and finally to orange that blends in with the long, slender, tightly-set petals. Magnificent!

These flowers appear from midsummer well into fall, carried on thick, sturdy stems that stand up to wind and rain and make very long-lasting cuts for the vase. Butterflies and bees adore this Echinacea in summer, and in fall, as the seeds dry within the central cone of each flower, songbirds come to feast! Get your camera ready and be sure to leave the final blooms on the plant so that the birds can eat their fill.

Colorburst™ is less than 3 feet tall and just under 2 feet wide -- compact indeed for an Echinacea, and packed with flowering stems rather than tall, rangy foliage. Like all Echinacea, it is very disease- and pest-resistant (unpalatable to deer and other nibblers!), content in just about any well-drained soil, and impervious to heat, humidity, cold, drought, and other stressors. Expect strong growth and good branching from this vigorous newcomer!