Kismet™ Raspberry Echinacea

Kismet™ Raspberry Echinacea

Floriferous over a Longer-than-Ever Season!

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You will love Kismet™ Echinaceas, with its compact height, longer season of bloom, and very long-lasting blooms. Held straight out rather than bent backwards, these flowers are really showy in garden and vase!

Raspberry is a bright magenta-pink Kismet™, its merry daisies stretching 4½ inches wide on plants just 18 inches high and no more than 24 inches wide. The blooms open a rich magenta-infused shade of deep pink, maturing to a rosier look in the strong summer sun. Expect them to begin in early summer and to continue, in waves, right into fall!

Kismet™ is a selection of the native Coneflower, an American treasure of a perennial that attracts pollinators of all kinds into the gardens while repelling deer and guarding against "bad bugs." This makes it a fine choice for herb and vegetable plantings as well as the flower garden. And it's hardy from one end of the country to the other, even thriving in the heat and humidity of zone 10 in the south and southwest!

And while Echinacea in the wild is tall and rangy, nine-tenths foliage to one-tenth flowers, Kismet™ concentrates all its energy on producing more, larger, longer-lasting blooms. You can expect these brilliant daisies to hold their own for several weeks, and the big central cones make excellent everlastings for indoor dried arrangements. Best of all, butterflies and bees adore them in summer and birds flock to them in autumn (the cones are full of seeds that birds eat). Kismet™ is as good for the wildlife in your landscape as it is for your patio pots and your colorful flower borders!

Famously easy to grow, Kismet™ withstands heat, humidity, drought, rain, and poor soil. It thrives in heavy clay as well as sandy mixtures as long as the drainage is good. Give it full sunshine everywhere, and wait for the show! Zones 4-10.