Eden® Climbing Rose

Eden® Climbing Rose

One of the best Romanticas®!

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Plant Patent #6,892. Cultivar name: 'Meiviolin'.(Syn. Pierre de Ronsard)

We were first enchanted by this beauty when we encountered it growing in the Meilland Trial Gardens in Lyon, France. Possessing the charm of Old English Roses in its cup-shaped bloom, yet displaying the continuous flowering habit of modern Roses, Eden™ shows gently fragrant, pastel, 3-inch blooms throughout the season. Long-lasting flowers of cream, suffused with pink, and set off by large medium green leaves, grace walls, fences, or trellises in classic refinement.

This climber is a nicely manageable size just right for arbors and patios. You will love the soft color and subtle fragrance, not to mention the easy-care, disease-resistant foliage! Eden™ reaches 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide.

Eden™ is one of the Romantica® Roses developed by Meidilland family in France. Building on the New English Roses of David Austin, the Romanticas® combine the best attributes of the heirloom Roses (fragrance, hardiness) with the floriferousness and wide color range of the modern Floribundas and hybrid teas. The result is Roses that are dependable repeat-bloomers all summer long, with an extensive color range, fabulous fragrance, and superb disease resistance. Every garden deserves at least one Romantica, so bring Eden™ home today! Zones 5 to 9.