Edgy® Hearts Hydrangea

Edgy® Hearts Hydrangea

Triangular Petals Edged in White!

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We are delighted to offer this exciting new Hydrangea representing the best of contemporary breeding! With petals that are held at an almost triangular angle and boast a softy picotee of pure white, Edgy® Hearts offers an entirely new look in mopheads. Find a handsome container as well as some garden space for this new German introduction!

Just 3 to 5 feet high and wide -- often a bit more wide than high -- Edgy Hearts® is an H. macrophylla cultivar from Dresden. Bred by Katrin Meinl, it features very dense branching, glossy green foliage, and a multitude of large, pillowy, absolutely showstopping two-tone blooms. The petals will be dark pink or rich blue, depending upon soil pH, and edged in white. To say that they "stand out" is to put it mildly! These big flowerheads are attention-getting in any setting, and they last all summer, so you should have plenty to cut as well as to display in the garden and on the patio.

Edgy® Hearts thrives in the same heat, abundant moisture, and sun to partial shade that most other Hydrangeas enjoy. It is deciduous, and benefits from a light pruning only when necessary to trim away dead branches or thin. If you decide to prune, do so directly after flowering, as the shrub blooms on old wood.

This compact, free-flowering Hydrangea offers an exciting new look for one of America's most beloved shrubs. Give it a try in your garden this season! Zones 5-9.