Electric Grow Mat

Electric Grow Mat

Just plug it into any ordinary 2-prong household outlet!

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Start your seedlings the most efficient, effective way possible with this innovative Electric Grow Mat! The ingenious design allows better airflow because the chrome wire cage ensures that the heat not only rises, it circulates! Just set your seedling flats on top of the Grow Mat and wait for those green shoots!

The heating mat contains wires molded into thick, protective black rubber for safe, long-lasting, durable use. The entire mat is surrounded by a chrome wire cage, which is also great for preventing children's inquisitive fingers from touching the heat! Just plug the mat into a 110-120 volt household current outlet (the ordinary 2-prong kind -- no more squeezing behind the refrigerator or descending into the basement to locate a 3-prong outlet!), place your seedling trays atop the chrome wire cage, and you're ready to grow! No curling, no uneven distribution of heat, no wasted energy!

This mat measures 22.25 by 15.25 by 2 inches. It includes a UL-approved cord and thermostat, and the entire unit weighs 6 pounds. Make it part of your overwintering and seed-starting system this season!