Elegant Orchid Bulb Garden

Elegant Orchid Bulb Garden

A tropical take on holiday blooms!

12-inch Bulb Garden
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Create a refined, elegant display with the delicate beauty of graceful white orchids in a swirled glass vase! Revered for their vast array of distinctly shaped blooms, orchids are nature's most stylish type of flower. This particular gift features the Phalaenopsis Orchid, which is commonly known as the moth orchid because its form and markings mimic tropical moths. Fantastically tall and lovely, the Orchid blooms for 3 months or even longer and, with proper care, will come back year after year.

Put your Orchid in a warm, partially sunny spot, like an East-facing window. Once blooming begins, keep your plant in indirect light to lengthen the bloom show. Water weekly to bi-weekly, and fertilize your orchid with a balanced liquid fertilizer applied in weakened(diluted) form. Maintain humidity by placing your pot on a shallow tray of rocks and water. Your Moth Orchid will reward you with years of grace and beauty!Gift Dimensions: 12"H