Elevated Garden Beds

Elevated Garden Beds

Get Your Garden Off the Ground!

Large Natural
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Large Safe Finish
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Bring your plants up to eye level and garden standing or seated with this attractive raised bed! Perfect for small spaces, soilless settings such as decks and balconies, and accessible gardening for all ages, these elevated beds of beautiful Western red cedar assemble in minutes with no tools (we even have a short video that shows you the step-by-step!) and last for countless seasons. But beware: once you begin gardening in raised beds, it may be hard to go back to kneeling in the damp soil!

Available in several sizes, these beds assemble by fitting tongue-and-grooved planks together and then securing each of four corners with a cedar cap (screw already in place). Very sturdy on four legs, the bed has narrow spaces between the planks in the base, to enable excess water to drain. We've even included a measured piece of landscape fabric that fits perfectly in the base of the bed, preventing soil leakage!

Assembling the bed takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Then you simply fill it with potting soil, rake the soil smooth, and begin planting. Ta-dah! -- a garden in no time, and so easy to plant out, cultivate and harvest!

Raised beds are ideal for any flower, herb, or vegetable plants, but we especially appreciate veggies and herbs grown off the ground. You can really minimize fruit loss by lifting your edibles out of range of crawling pests, garden debris, and careless footsteps. You won't believe how good your produce looks, nor how large your harvest will be from raised beds!

For a cool-season (spring or fall, or even winter in warmer climates) vegetable garden, consider growing lettuce, radishes, kale, turnips, collards, and carrots in the raised beds. Flowers such as pansies, Dianthus, snapdragons, primroses, and sweet peas all grow readily at eye level, making it easier to see and cut the blooms (not to mention the fragrance!). For warm-season crops, sow everything from container tomatoes and peppers to peas, cucumbers, spinach, and more. And herbs are great year-round!

Raised beds solve the problem of poor soil fertility and poor drainage. They spare you hours of difficult work turning and loosening the soil, not to mention adding compost and other organics to improve the aeration and nutrient content. And working in the raised bed is easy and fun!

Western Red Cedar is a long-lasting hardwood, rot-resistant and very attractive. These beds were made entirely in the USA, so you can purchase them with pride. Several sizes and finishes are available:

Product Dimensions:
Small - 18" x 34" x 32"
Large - 34" x 48" x 32"

Wood Finish:
Natural - Bare wood that you can use as is or finish as you please.
Safe - Clear protective sealant, entirely food-safe.
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