Emerald Falls Dichondra Ground Cover Seeds

Emerald Falls Dichondra Ground Cover Seeds

Loves heat and drought!

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Freewheeling Dichondra has just gone a bit more formal with this beautiful new addition to the Falls series of foliage plants. Instead of a loosely trailing habit, Emerald Falls is full and very trim, with deep green leaves and a dense, symmetrical habit that looks like you just clipped it back! If you're looking for a "go-anywhere" sun-loving foliage plant, Emerald Falls is the variety you MUST try!

Vigorous and easy to grow, this Dichondra boasts thick, super-soft deep green leaves (about an inch wide) arising profusely on very well-branched plants that need no pinching. Emerald Beauty will cascade about 3 feet from your baskets, windowboxes, or other containers, but it will also form a nicely domed shape that fills the available space beautifully!

Very heat- and drought-tolerant, Emerald Falls recovers quickly even if wilted, and looks fresh all season long. Try it in a large container behind super-cascading Silver Falls, or among trailing flowering plants from Periwinkle to Sweet Pea.

Emerald Falls thrives in full sun and well-drained soil. Start the seeds indoors in late winter (about 6 to 8 weeks before last anticipated frost) and then set out when the weather warms up in spring. Pkt is 10 seeds.