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Emiko Hybrid Organic Chinese Cabbage Seeds

Emiko Hybrid Organic Chinese Cabbage Seeds

Unbeatable disease resistance plus great flavor

(P) Pkt of 20 seeds
Item # 52408-PK-P1
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Days to Maturity: 62

Meet your new favorite organic Napa cabbage. Emiko Hybrid is a very disease resistant, heat tolerant variety just perfect for the home gardener. It stands up to many pests and problems that plague other Chinese cabbages, delivering big yields of large, heavy, flavorful heads.

Emiko reaches about a foot high and can weigh up to 6 pounds. Dense, well-wrapped with dark green outer leaves protecting light green to creamy white inner leaves, this Chinese cabbage is packed with succulent texture and mild, non-peppery flavor. The heads are very uniform, and they take their time maturing. If you are growing Emiko among other Napas such as Kaboko, expect Emiko to mature up to a week later.

The secret to Emiko's productivity and success is its unbeatable disease resistance package. This cabbage stands up to fusarium yellows, bacterial soft rot, pepper spot, club root, and tip burn, among others. It holds well in the field after maturing, and resists bolting in unseasonable heat. You just can't beat it.

Chinese cabbage is a cool-season crop typically grown in fall and early winter, though in warmer climates harvest can continue well into winter. Seeds are best direct sown in rows about 2 feet apart, beginning in late August or early September. As seedlings emerge, thin to 18 inches apart. If the ground freezes before the heads develop, harvest the young heads—they will be tender and delicious.