Empress™ Clematis

Empress™ Clematis

Another masterpiece from Raymond Evison!

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Plant Patent #16,072. Cultivar name: 'Evipo011'.

This regal Clematis grabs your attention and doesn't let go! Its large 4-5 inch flowers are so enchanting you'll hate to lose the sight of them. Fortunately, with its very long bloom time you will have at least 5 months to bask in their glory - usually more! Given something to climb, Empress can reach 6ft in height with an average width of 3 ft. Ever so floriferous, this flowering vine flaunts blooms by the dozen beginning in late spring and reblooms in waves until the fall. Carrying the shade of royalty, one would think that it would be hard to care for, but that isn't so. In fact this Clematis is quite low maintenance. It prefers overhead sunlight and moist cool roots so mulch is this Clematis' best friend. You can trust that this Empress will never cease to impress! Zones 4 to 9.